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Organization Profile

Karya Group entered the sector with the textile dye trade in 2002 and the production and trade of textile materials in 2008. In 2009, it continued to work on textile recycling and export.

As of 2010, with the manufacture and sale of Technical Textile - Nonwoven (Non-Knitted Needling) products, it started to export to many countries, both in domestic trade and abroad, in many different sectors such as construction, textile, cleaning in a short time. In 2011, it carries out production for the final consumer by expanding its business volume with multi-purpose cleaning cloths under the brand of “Aquafil” for the retail sector.


In 2013, it continues to act in line with its targets in the retail sector with the “Powerfix” brand.


Karya Kimya, which wants to have a say in the international market, wants to have a market share and reach its target customers in Europe, Middle East and Near East countries with the warehouses it rented in Russia, Romania and Iran in 2012.


We continue to manufacture nonwovens in different sizes, thicknesses and hardnesses in weights ranging from 80gr to 1000gr/m2 according to the order in our business.

Our nonwoven production, which is used in different fields in many sectors, is an average of 1200 tons per year.


Nonwoven Properties

  •         It is an organic product, it does not harm the nature.
  •         Not flammable
  •         It is heat resistant.
  •         Thanks to its woven structure, it can be absorbent for many liquids.
  •         Resists chemicals.
  •         It maintains its strength, durability and flexibility for years.


Mechanical Needling Line

  •         Net product width up to 580 cm.
  •         Homogeneous fiber distribution with weight control system.
  •         Desired strength and flexibility with fiber orientation.
  •         Desired shrinkage and thickness with thermal finishing.
  •         Multilayer (composite) products.