As Karya Group company, since we operated in the sector with textile materials production and trade in 2002, we have always been in a company structure that adds innovation to itself, develops and aims to prioritize the sector. In the meantime, we have adopted social responsibility projects and social assistance as company policy.

With this policy, we started to donate a certain share of our income as Karya Group to stray animals, namely loving mute owners of the streets. On these hot summer days, no value can be tolerated in being hungry, thirsty and neglected. They need love and attention as well as food and care. We saw it as a social responsibility to provide all kinds of financial support for these lives who are facing difficult weather conditions and do not receive the necessary attention in animal shelters in inadequate conditions. As Karya Group, we have taken this view and allocated our share of our income to the mute owners of the street. Every single life we change will continue to raise our hopes.

Remember, small things will suffice to make a difference.