Today, women's employment, which has become one of the most important problems of our society, is of great importance in terms of social development and prosperity. The inclusion of the female workforce in the sector and benefiting women's employment is one of the top of our mission and vision.

               We attach great importance to the brain power of our female employees and come up with innovative ideas with our company policy that believes in gender equality.

We attach great importance to women's employment because the increase in women's participation in business life and social life through education is one of the important factors that will affect the development of countries.

When it comes to entrepreneurship and productivity, curiosity is the first spark of research, and courage and confidence are essential if you want to make a business a successful enterprise. Since all the women working at Karya Group Company have courage and confidence, they contribute to the growth of our company.

               By featuring women in 25% of our company, we take our company to the future with solid steps and ensure that women gain a place in the working life.