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White Nonwoven

White Nonwoven
White Nonwoven

"Nonwovens" are high-performance non-woven fabrics created by processing different types of fibers with different methods. Nonwovens can take on the appearance of traditional textiles, mimic the durability and texture of woven fabrics, and even show thickness and absorbency properties like a sponge.


Today, nonwovens provide fast, easy and effective solutions to problems at every stage of modern life with their wide usage areas. Today, nonwovens make life easier in many areas from hygienic disposable products to filters, from the construction industry to home and car decoration.


Minutes, hours or years… As Karya Nonwoven, we know that regardless of the usage period, there is a complex and difficult production process behind the nonwovens we produce, but at the end of this process, there are quality and solution-oriented products.

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