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Quality Policy

To serve as a customer-oriented institution, to obtain customer satisfaction as a basic principle in every unit and stage of the organization. To keep the quality of products and services at the highest level by taking into account customer expectations and needs.


To have the structure to be an example in and out of the institution in terms of environmental sensitivity and health protection with products with high recycling rate and the way they work.


To manage and carry out quality improvement works together with the whole team from A to Z, to ensure that everyone adds value in this regard and ensures the continuity of the development process.


To implement a price policy in accordance with international competition conditions, to adopt the ethical way of working at all stages as a team.


To carry out continuous improvement studies, to carry out the way of working in complete and correct ways from the very beginning and to act with this principle.


To ensure that the whole team adds value to themselves and the institution in every unit and every period with the principle of continuous training.